Cudowne zdjęcia, świetny film. Bardzo szybka realizacja i niepowtarzalna atmosfera przede wszystkim 🙂 Zdjęcia robione z pasją, co widać w efekcie końcowym. Dziękujemy za tak cudowne upamiętnienie najważniejszego dnia w naszym życiu. Zdecydowanie polecamy bo był to najlepszy wybór! Pozdrawiamy gorąco 🙂

Zuzia & Lukasz

With all our hearts we recommend this perfect and the best couple of photographers, which undoubtedly is Eve and Janusz. Pictures, which they create are extraordinary and magic. They create unique landscapes that will make a souvenir of a lifetime. We are proud to show them off to friends, who are enchanted by the magic and beauty of our wedding photos. The wedding ceremony and the wedding party are commemorated in an original and charming way. With a smile on our faces we mention almost weekly field session in Great Britain. London at night was a challenge for all of us: strong lighting and crowds of people and the downpour on greeting. However, Janusz and Eve are fearless and there is no impossible things for this couple. Thanks to them we got to know the beauty of Wales, which will be often return by us. Images that were created during this trip are breathtaking. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Eve for manage Bride’s hair – which was a real challenge. Thank you for your accompany (sense of humor in particular) and commemoration of the greatest moments in our lives. Word perfect discribing this duo is – a passion.

Sylvia and Greg

Thank you for the perpetuation of us the most beautiful moments in the day of our wedding. The effects of reportage made by you delight. Sensational images taken from two perspectives, well, dynamically edited film every time evoke a smile on the face of the viewers. Outdoor session in the mountains? Why not! Wonderfully spent two days with Eve and Janusz in Koscielisko Valley will be in memory for the rest of our lives. Night session in Zakopane, pictures in  Kasprowy Wierch, Beskid, sunset in Małe Ciche. Photographers open to any proposal that excelled in every way, putting on their whole hearts into the work and to this extremely likeable.

All cooperation with Eve and Janusz proceeded in a fantastic atmosphere and it was fun for us. Once again, with all my heart thank you and I strongly recommend you to all who depend on great souvenir of important or less important ceremony.

David and Mirka

We truly recommend!!! Full professional in each inch. Plenty of ideas, it’s clear that photography is their passion. Cooperation with them is a pleasure. They are nice, welcoming with can do attidute to clients. Service is the highest quality. If you’re looking for professional photographer for your wedding you couln’t find a better one ! Once again we really recommend Eve and Janusz !


Zaneta and Blazej

Proffessionals, perfect in their job, increadible creative duo. They don’t allow miss any moment in the day of wedding, neither during field session. Time spent with them it’s not lost. Even 2 hourly traffic jam on the motorway with their company was a pleasure. Nice, inteligent with a sesnse of humour. They put heart in their job. „there is no rules describe photography, there is just a good photoghraphies”. Ansel Adams.


Klaudia and Marek

We found them during Wedding Fair. We really loved their photographies. That’s why we let them to immortalize the most important day in our life. We weren’t disappointment. on the contrary – we couldn’t choose better.

Eve and Janusz’ve got a huge expierence in photograpghy, what we could see during their work. Even when temperature (40 degrees in wedding day) was annoying. They motivated everybody to take pictures. That’s why we’ve got a stunning souvenirs.

What is more important, or even the most important, they became an integral part of our party. In Bride house was a chaos, in these case Mrs. Photographer helped Bride with dressing up. Till today we remember this with smile 🙂

Eve and Janusz are really multifuctional 🙂

We honestly recommend for people, which are looking for professional photographers for wedding !!!



Paula and Blazej

Happy and nice photographers, which had a good fun. They took a really beautiful pictures without stress. They are willing to help, councel. We remember them very well. Honestly recommend. Thank you Eve and Janusz.


Grzegorz and Ada

Each of us would like to have best ever and bautiful wedding pictures. These which immortalized this important day. Thanks to Eve and  Janusz as they are perfect. We really appreciate that they took beautiful pictures. Cooperation with them was the niccest adventure in our lives.  We were smiling during all session. Thank you for that and we reccomend to everybody this perfect Duo to immortalized important momments of your life.


Patricia and Martin

Our wedding was full of unexpected adventures, nonetheless you can see smile on picture. We are very satisfied from field session, which was made by professional photographers.


Sylwia and Mariusz

Great fun and life adventure. There is no field session, which they couldn’t manage. On the motor in the  village or in water, where you have to break through the bushes, even huge biting mosquitoes are not an obstacle for them to create something special. We’ve got great memmories because of them, which last with us till the end of our lifes. Thank you very much:)

Jagoda and Kornel

Thank you with all our hearts !!! For lovely pictures, which are beautiful souvenir till the end of our lifes! For patient to us during session, for good advice, nice word and lovely atmosphere. Thank you very much !!! :*


Magda and Tom

Thank you with all our hearts, that you were witnesses of the most important day in our lifes. Full professional, plenty of ideas for session and smile 🙂  We really recommend this couple of photographers. Eve, Janusz you are the best.

Gosia and Rafal

Greatly recommend the duo of photographers. Eve and Janusz, are both a real proffesionals, they know what they do. Additionally the just love it. They are very patient, energetic and creative. And what is even important they were smiling all the time. We know that because of them our day lasts as beautiful memmory, we can see that on pictures. We really recommend this Dream Team !!!

Eve and Kuba